Teachers & Staff


Charleston Community Early Learning Center is licensed by the State of Illinois.  All staff members are required to complete the following training upon hiring: First Aid/CPR for Infants, Toddlers and Adults with AED and Epi-Pen training included; SIDS and Shaken Baby Training; Off-the-Shelf Curriculum; Food Handlers; and Mandated Reporter.

Tina Kumpf – Director

TinaTina joined the CCELC staff in September of 2019 and is excited to take the next step in her career after being in a teaching position for almost 25 years. She embraces the opportunity to watch young children grow and learn every day and enjoys the “random hugs from little ones” she receives.  Tina earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech Community College in Terre Haute, Indiana. She also holds Director Level 1, Early Childhood Education Level 4 and Infant/Toddler Level 4 Credentials.

 Kelly– Assistant Director

Kelly  Martin

Kelly has worked a total of 4 years in the and in several classrooms at the Center. She enjoys how each day is different and making connections with each child encourages them to be life-long learners. For her and the 4-year-olds in her classroom, she loves observing those “ah-ha” moments on a daily basis.  “They are learning about the world and they are excited about all topics.” Kelly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education from EIU.

Marcia – Nursery

MarciaMarcia joined the CCELC staff in the late summer of 2016 and cares for the Center’s youngest children in the Nursery.  Marcia enjoys the nursery because “working in the nursery is like a puzzle. Each day is different.”  Watching each and every little person grow and develop at their own pace makes the nursery a special experience.  Marcia has an Associate’s Degree in Child Development in addition to Early Childhood Education Level 4 and Infant/Toddler Level 2 Credentials.

Haley SmithHaley Smith – Toddler Co-Teacher

Haley graduated Charleston High School and attended Lakeland College for 2 years as well as EIU for 3 years. She’s been at the center for 1 year and enjoys forming connections with the children she teaches. “Getting to see them grow everyday makes me the happiest and watching them light up is the best thing in the world”. Hayley enjoys her time with toddlers appreciating “how smart each individual is. They know how to help a friend when they are upset. The older ones take on a nurturing role and help the younger kids adjust. They know with each passing day how to help others and how to be the kindest children. Everyday there is something new to learn about them.”



Judy – Pre-School I

JudyJudy joined the staff in 2015 and has worked in several classrooms at the Center. She brought 27 years of experience with her. She enjoys working with the children and the other staff at the Center and likes the fact that she can work with a variety of age groups. For her, she enjoys seeing the young children express their emotions in so many different ways. “They are beginning to show how they are becoming independent.” Judy holds an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education as well as an Early Childhood Education Level 4 Credential.

Tamar Champs – Two’s


Tamar is currently enrolled in EIU with a major in Psych and minor in HS. She loves being with kids and how each has their own style and way of expressing themselves. She’s been a teacher in the Two’s classroom since early 2023.


Emma Lee – School Age II

Emma lee

Emma graduated from ALAHHS in 2020 and is currently studying Elementary Education at EIU. She joined the Center in November 2022 and teaches in the School Age II room. She finds working with kids very rewarding and enjoys spending time doing fun things with each child. Emma appreciates the variety of ages she has in her class and is excited to see them learn from each other and find new, fun things to do every day.

Regiana Foster – School Age I


Regiana joined CCELC in March 2022 and is a current EIU student. She loves being creative with her kids and appreciates the ability to teach them new things and expose them to new experiences. Regiana is in the School Age I room and notices how the kids are quick learners who cling to routines, care for each other, and work as a team. She feels grateful for these special, caring kids.

Terri – Pre-School I

TerriTerri has been a teacher at CCELC for over 25 years. She is currently a co-teacher in the 2-Year-Old Room. She enjoys being able to watch and see the children grow and knowing that she has a part in their development. “2-year-olds are very interested in everything at that age,” she said. “It’s challenging but rewarding.”  Terri holds an Early Childhood Education Level 1 Credential.

Jessica – Pre-K

BanguraJessica has been a teacher at the Center for over 10 years and currently plays a major role in the children’s transition to kindergarten as the teacher in the Pre-K room. She likes to sit and talk to the children and hear about their views on various subjects. “The kids are very curious and outspoken at this age,” she said. Jessica loves working with children and being there to help in their growth makes her job very fulfilling. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from Eastern Illinois University and an Early Childhood Education Level 4 Credential.