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On May 6, 2014, the Illinois Association for the Education of Young Children recognized Barbara Warmoth, director of the Charleston Community Day Care Center in Charleston, Ill., as a 2014 Children’s Champion through a special proclamation in the Illinois General Assembly. She was one of 11 outstanding early childhood leaders from around the state to receive the honor.


Barbara Warmoth, director of the Charleston Community Day Care Center, was recognized as a 2014 Children’s Champion at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield Tuesday, May 6, 2014. She met with Illinois State Senator Dale Righter, who saluted Mrs. Warmoth for her service from the Senate floor.

Warmoth is the treasurer of The Spirit of Illinois AEYC Affiliate, which nominated her for the 2014 Children’s Champion award. She has served as the director of the Charleston Community Day Care Center, a not-for-profit learning center, for the past 36 years, and has led her program to provide high quality child care services for local children and families.

“I have always felt it important to reach out beyond our own community to learn what others are saying, doing and supporting,” Warmoth said. “Illinois AEYC is one of those organizations that broadens your scope of teaching and leading. It has taught me to speak up and try to have an impact on the bigger picture, and trust that it will trickle down and have a positive effect on the jobs we do here in our community of Coles County, Charleston and Charleston Community Day Care Center.”

Warmoth has been active with the Spirit of Illinois AEYC for over 30 years, serving on the executive committee for many of those years.  She has also been involved with the Festival of the Young Child, the Early Childhood Recognition Event and the local early childhood conference. At the state level, Warmoth has served on the executive committee for the Illinois AEYC for several years. She also serves on the Advisory Committee for the Eastern Illinois University Child Care Resource & Referral.

Warmoth’s husband Bill, sister-in-law Linda Warmoth Shelton, and Charleston Community Day Care Center Board of Directors President Mark Hudson accompanied her to Springfield.

“Illinois State Senator Dale Righter explained the importance of the award and the impact the honorees have on the future of our country. He then saluted Barbara for her service from the Senate floor,” Hudson said. “We are proud indeed.”

An Award Ceremony and Reception followed at the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield. The 2014 Children’s Champions, their guests, AEYC members from across the state, and Illinois legislators were invited to the dessert reception where each 2014 Children’s Champion was recognized for their achievements.

According to the Illinois AEYC, the 2014 Children’s Champions represent shining examples of individuals doing good things for children in their communities. Illinois AEYC values the impact the exemplary volunteers have made as early childhood professionals. Each stands out for their contribution to their communities, to the early childhood field, their local AEYC affiliates, and to Illinois AEYC. They represent a wide range of professional positions. Many have worked in the field for more than 25 years and some continue to volunteer after retiring.

The mission of Illinois AEYC is to facilitate the optimal development of young children by advocating for the rights, needs, and well being of young children; and educating, supporting, and collaborating with individuals and organizations working in direct or indirect service to young children. To accomplish this mission, the organization depends on the hard work of its members. Among them are dedicated leaders whose hard work has made their local affiliate stronger and the lives of children in their communities better.

For more information about Charleston Community Day Care Center, visit their website at www.charlestondaycare.org. To learn more about the Illinois AEYC, go to www.illinoisaeyc.org.