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Barbara Warmoth – Director

WarmothBarbara has experienced a variety of tasks and opportunities throughout her 37 years at Charleston Early Learning Center. She especially enjoys meeting the families and the opportunity to grow professionally in order to bring an exceptional level of professionalism to the Center’s programs. Barbara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration, both from Eastern Illinois University.



 Karen Pine – Assistant Director

KarenKaren celebrated her 40th anniversary with the Center in 2014. She is currently the Assistant Director but has held many positions during her tenure. She likes working with the children, families, and staff – seeing the children change and grow, and watching the staff develop new ideas and skills. She especially likes the variety of her work. Karen holds an AAS in Child Care from Lake Land College. 



Marcia – Nursery

MarciaMarcia joined the CCELC staff in the late summer of 2016 and cares for the Center’s youngest children in the Nursery.  Marcia enjoys the nursery because “working in the nursery is like a puzzle. Each day is different.”  Watching each and every little person grow and develop at their own pace makes the nursery a special experience.  Marcia has an Associate’s degree in Child Development.



Michelle – Nursery

MichelleMichelle began caring for children in the Nursery in February 2019.  For Michelle, each day in the Nursery is a new discovery, whether it’s a new born lifting his or her head, looking around or a child taking their 1st steps.  The Nursery is a special age to work with because “with each new discovery you just want to cheer them on and be so happy for them.”  Michelle has an Associate’s degree in Childhood from Lakeland College.



Andrea – Toddler Room

Andrea FasigAndrea has been a teacher at the Center since March 2012. She currently is a co-teacher in the Center’s Toddler Room.  Her favorite part of working with the toddlers is “seeing how fast their development grows and how they begin to express their own personalities and quirks.” She notes that, though the children are in the toddler room for the shortest amount of time, the difference between the 15 month old children and 2 year old children is vast.  Andrea has completed some college work toward a degree in Early Childhood Education at Lake Land College.



Terri – 2-Year-Old Room

TerriTerri has been a teacher at CCELC for over 25 years. She is currently a co-teacher in the 2-Year-Old Room. She enjoys being able to watch and see the children grow and knowing that she has a part in their development. “2-year-olds are very interested in everything at that age,” she said. “It’s challenging but rewarding.”




Molly – 2-Year-Old Room

MMollyolly joined the staff in 2019 as a co-teacher in the 2-year-old room.






Judy – Pre-School I

JudyJudy joined the staff in 2015 and has worked in several classrooms at the Center. She brought 27 years of experience with her. She enjoys working with the children and the other staff at the Center and likes the fact that she can work with a variety of age groups. For her, she enjoys seeing the young children express their emotions in so many different ways. “They are beginning to show how they are becoming independent.” Judy holds an Associate’s degree in Child Care.



Amara – Pre-School II/School-Age

AmaraAmara has worked at the Center as a part-time teacher and became a full-time teacher in Fall 2018.  She provides care to the PSII and school-age children.





Jessica – Pre-K

BanguraJessica has been a teacher at the Center for over 10 years and currently plays a major role in the children’s transition to kindergarten as the teacher in the Pre-K room. She likes to sit and talk to the children and hear about their views on various subjects. “The kids are very curious and outspoken at this age,” she said. Jessica loves working with children and being there to help in their growth makes her job very fulfilling. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from EIU.



Julie – Cook

JulieJulie joined the Center in fall 2017.  Her position is unique as it is a combination of cooking and working with the children.  Julie “enjoys making new things for the kids to try and getting to see their like or dislike for it.”